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A couple of offerings from a new member.

Hello! I do love Doctor 4 (despite what I do to him, poor man) so here are a couple of fics for everyone's reading pleasure.

Title: Variations on a Theme
Starring: Jo Grant and Doctors 3, 4 and 6
Rating: All Ages
Genre: Het, hurt/comfort, humor
Plot: What is a naturally chilly space alien to do when a blast from his past comes down with heat exhaustion? Jo and the Sixth Doctor find out. (Not like that. Well, maybe a teeny bit like that. Note the rating.)
Author's Notes: Four comes in, in a big way, during the 3rd act. Many thanks go out to rude_not_ginger, philosophercat and merlinsseer for their beta skills. Also, I wrote this before learning that Jo becomes aware of the concept of multiple Doctors in 'The Three Doctors.' Oooops. Well, this is how she finds out in the Singe-verse!

Title: Long Leggity Beasty
Starring: Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor
Rating: Teen
Genre: Het, humor, horror
Plot: A Halloween story! This is set the October after the Doctor abruptly leaves Sarah Jane behind in Aberdeen. His return leaves her feeling somewhat drained. (Yes, vampire AU. After 'Vampires of Venice' I thought it'd be timely.)
Author's Notes: The 'Spooky' poem is by Bobbi Katz. 'Antigonish' (aka The Man Who Wasn't There) is by Hughes Mearns. The movie Sarah Jane quotes is 1951's 'The Thing.' The other verses are by unknown authors.
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