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Fans of the Fourth Doctor's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fans of the Fourth Doctor

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Doctor Who Minor/Guest Characters Ficathon [22 Feb 2015|09:00pm]


dw_guestfest: Currently open for prompts & sign-ups! A ficathon celebrating the minor and guest characters from every corner of the Whoniverse. We've already got some excellent Fourth Doctor era prompts waiting to be claimed! Please come and join us!
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[Subject] Public Call: Doctor Who Secret Santa [06 Oct 2013|04:28pm]


public_call is a new secret santa fic exchange for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms, run through LJ and AO3. All Whovian canons are welcome.

Sign-ups:1st - 13th October
Deadline: 24th November
Posting period: starting 1st December

Sign-ups are currently open.

More info: Detailed Rules and FAQ
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Unwhosual - a prompt fic comm [06 Jan 2013|05:58am]

FAQ | Rules | Round One | Fills

unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.
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Pimp: The Cheering Up Meme! [27 Aug 2012|01:25pm]

Need a pick me up? Want to make someone's day?

The Cheering Up Meme!

All fandoms. All pairings. Fic & Art friendly.
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Happy Anniversary (s) ! [27 Mar 2011|09:47am]

Two very special things happened on this day, March 26, in 2005.

First, "Rose", the debut episode of the regenerated Doctor Who series, was
broadcast on BBC. Producer Julie Gardner said that she was hoping against
hope that they'd be lucky enough to get 6 million viewers, but in the back
of her mind she expected it to be 3 million. She was completely shocked
when 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the moment when Rose Tyler's life
would change forever.

Second, something very similar happened a little closer to home. The very
first TimeGate occurred that same day! And just like with "Rose" ... we
were hoping to get 40 or 50 people, but Susan and I told each other. "If we
only get 25, we'll be thrilled. This is something we've wanted to do for a
long time and we're going to enjoy it no matter what." We were totally
blown away when *85 people* attended that very first one-day mini-con.

As you know, TimeGate has grown immensely since that day 6 years ago. Those
first few TimeGates were one-day affairs held in an Elk's Lodge. We had six
panels -- three Stargate ones and three Doctor Who ones. We showed videos,
we had gaming, we had special contests. We even had a few dealers at a
couple of them. But we had no guests at the first three TimeGates. And we
continued to grow. Pretty rapidly, in fact. Soon, we had to make the move
into a hotel and to a full weekend convention.

Since that time, our guests roster had really blossomed. We've had actors,
writers, script editors, and composers from both Doctor Who and Stargate.
We've also had authors, comic book illustrators, scientists, merchandisers,
film archivists, biographers, game designers and many more. And they've all
been wonderful!

And our audience has grown tremendously as well. We're expecting this year
to be our biggest attendance yet. A lot of that is due to the great guests
that we have booked, led by Sophie Aldred, Andrew Cartmel and Ben
Aaronovitch from Doctor Who (the Seventh Doctor era), and Mike Dopud from
Stargate Universe and the upcoming Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning. And for
those of you that we picked up along the way -- thank you too for coming on
board and for continuing the journey with us. We are going to do everything
we can to make this year the best TimeGate ever.

Thanks, everyone. See you in May at TIMEGATE!!!
May 27-29, 2011

To see TimeGate's Facebook page, follow the link below:
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Doctor Wha-hoo! [08 Nov 2010|07:08am]


Watching the Classic Who episodes where 'Romana' is introduced (“The Key to Time,” &c.), it occurs to me that the producers of Dr Who missed an amusing opportunity. That they would have passed it by even if it had occurred to them - that indeed they might not have been allowed, even if they'd wished it - is, for the purpose of my idle speculation, irrelevant…

this opportunity for ratings bonanzaCollapse )

2 The screenwriter had perhaps read John Varley's Titan, where the main character, having been through all kinds of Lost World adventures of danger and exhaustion, was asked by the Big Boss at the end, “Was it fun?” and she opened her mouth in outrage - and closed it again. Yah, actually - it had been the adventure of a lifetime!

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The Leisure Hive [08 Oct 2010|09:00am]

I just watched this again after having not seen it in a good 10 years. As much as I can loathe JNT at times, I do really enjoy this episode. There's just so many little moments of genuis that have stuck with me over the years since I first saw this episode back in the 80's: the Doctor's scarf being tied around the neck of the stragulation victim,the beads falling off of Argoilians heads etc.

I also really enjoy Peter Howell's theme and incidental music. It instantly takes me back to being 11 and watching Who on Saturday afternoons. And for that reason, most of Davidson's stories have stuck with me just as long.

I like Davidson as well, but mainly his stories. I think his character lacked the presence and insight of almost every previous Doctor. He allways seemed to me to be a fumbling, awkward, asthmatic sort of graduate student who was unsure of himself.

The fouled regeration may have been an attempt by JNT to reset the character a bit, but in my opinion he should have developed the personality differently, but yet kept the character of a centuries old timelord. Companions are for the audience to identify with, not the Doctor, at least IMHO.
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Turn Your Back - Chapter Four has 4 and Sarah Jane [11 Sep 2010|01:22pm]

Fandom: Doctor Who
Title: Turn Your Back
Rating: All Audiences
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Nudity
Synopsis: The Eleventh Doctor said, "If it embarrasses you, turn your back," and I thought Hmmmm, nudity. What would the first 10 Doctors do in a similar situation? Fun premise! So... Avert your eyes. Enjoy!

(X-posted just about everywhere. Sorry!)

Doctor One - "What a piece of work is man!"

Doctor Two - "Never mind it, Victoria."

Doctor Three - "Y-fronts?"

Doctor Four - "I AM CALM!!!!"

Doctor Five - Adric ran for it.

Doctor Six - He admired that in a woman.

Doctor Seven - "They're filthy!"

Doctor Eight - "Er. Pretty color."

Doctor Nine - "Well played, sir."

Doctor Ten - "Turn your head and cough."

One thing, though, both my betas were distracted by real life (the nerve!) and they had to withdraw. If anyone out there wants to send any sort of critique my way I'd be very grateful.
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TimeGate 2010 Photos! [22 Aug 2010|08:41am]

In the TimeGate yahoo group, an album has been created and filled with 225 pictures from TimeGate 2010! Take a look and enjoy. This year we had an especially large number of costumes throughout the convention and they were all great!

The TimeGate Facebook group also has many pictures from the 2010 convention - if Facebook is an easier location for you to get to. The link to that is http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=6095289289.

TimeGate PR Coordinator

Buy your 2011 membership today at our web site for $25!
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TimeGate 2010 Article on CNN.com [07 Jun 2010|09:05pm]

Thanks to those who have posted pictures.  I looked back through the posts and did not see a link to this article about TimeGate on CNN, so I thought I would share!  Happy reading!


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A couple of offerings from a new member. [09 May 2010|12:47pm]

Hello! I do love Doctor 4 (despite what I do to him, poor man) so here are a couple of fics for everyone's reading pleasure.

Title: Variations on a Theme
Starring: Jo Grant and Doctors 3, 4 and 6
Rating: All Ages
Genre: Het, hurt/comfort, humor
Plot: What is a naturally chilly space alien to do when a blast from his past comes down with heat exhaustion? Jo and the Sixth Doctor find out. (Not like that. Well, maybe a teeny bit like that. Note the rating.)
Author's Notes: Four comes in, in a big way, during the 3rd act. Many thanks go out to rude_not_ginger, philosophercat and merlinsseer for their beta skills. Also, I wrote this before learning that Jo becomes aware of the concept of multiple Doctors in 'The Three Doctors.' Oooops. Well, this is how she finds out in the Singe-verse!

Title: Long Leggity Beasty
Starring: Sarah Jane and the 4th Doctor
Rating: Teen
Genre: Het, humor, horror
Plot: A Halloween story! This is set the October after the Doctor abruptly leaves Sarah Jane behind in Aberdeen. His return leaves her feeling somewhat drained. (Yes, vampire AU. After 'Vampires of Venice' I thought it'd be timely.)
Author's Notes: The 'Spooky' poem is by Bobbi Katz. 'Antigonish' (aka The Man Who Wasn't There) is by Hughes Mearns. The movie Sarah Jane quotes is 1951's 'The Thing.' The other verses are by unknown authors.
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Writer's Block: Sunday in the park with ____? [26 Apr 2010|12:55pm]


If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?
The Fourth Doctor.

Click for Larger Image

That would be one heavy, weird, fun day.

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Fourth Doctor Icons [15 Nov 2009|01:32pm]

I did the Fourth Doctor for doctorwho20in20. Want, take, credit icons_of_isis, have. Comments are love.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Find the rest here @ icons_of_isis.
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Do you like the pairing of Four and Leela? [23 Oct 2009|07:13pm]

After watching "The Image of Fendahl" for the first time, I'm struck again by the chemistry Tom and Louise have on-screen. I thought Four and Leela were a great pairing. She didn't get as screechy as Sarah at times, and she was able to fight back like Romana. I thought she was totally cool. Who cares that she wore about three inches of clothing - she was still pretty fierce. I guess I'm just wondering why the fans don't seem to like that pairing as much. Did Tom and Louise even get along?

Anyway, long story short, they made a great team on screen and lightened up bad stories like "Fendahl". I wish they had made more stories together!
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[16 Sep 2009|10:14pm]

[ mood | creative ]

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[20 Jul 2009|03:09am]

The Doctor and his companions visit 16th century Bristol, England!

There, he meets an old friend, John the smith, and catches up on the latest happenings. Seems ol Queen Bess is in town for a royal visit and the townfolk are having a celebration!

So off he goes to confer with one of the Queen's top doctors who asks him about Her Majesty's latest headaches and the proper application of leeches, to which the Doctor offers a suitable alternative, something called Bayer.

Not pictured is the Doctor running for his bloody life when the Queen sees him and recognizes him and orders his execution!
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Last Day of TimeGate [24 May 2009|12:03pm]


If you are near Atlanta, GA, USA, TimeGate is into its last day and going strong. There is a full day of programming today, including Q and A sessions with all of the guests of honor and episode commentaries by Brad Greenquist and Mary Tamm. The wrap up session isn't until 8 pm, so get on over there if you haven't yet this weekend!

TimeGate is at the Holiday Inn Select on Chamblee Dunwoody near Perimeter Mall.

The schedule and other information can be found at www.timegatecon.org.
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Fanficlet - Banana Phone [22 May 2009|10:40am]

Hiiiii folks, here's a silly little ficlet I did last year.

Title: Banana Phone
Rating: G
Summary: Doctor Who + banana phone. Brief scene, 4th Dr. & Leela.
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Fic: Gallifreyan Elks [16 May 2009|07:57pm]


TITLE: Gallifreyan Elks
RATING: G, General
CHARACTERS: Fourth Doctor, Romana I
SETTING/SPOILER: Between the Ribos Operations and the Pirate Planet
DISCLAIMER: Doctor Who and its affiliates does not belong to me and never will. No infringement is intended. Concept belongs to Trevor and Marty from the DWO WHOcast
SUMMARY: The Doctor and Romana have a discussion about fashion.


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Children of Time Awards [17 Apr 2009|02:57pm]

The Children of Time Awards has only 8 days left to submit nominations for Round 3. Time is quickly running out to get your nominations in and we still have a lot of categories in need of nominations. I know there is so much wonderful fic out there that is not getting nominated that should be. I'd love to see all the wonderful authors here represented.

At the moment we are in desperate need of Classic Who nominations. We don't have a single Classic Who category with enough nominees to go to voting next week.

So if you have a few moments check out The Children of Time Awards and nominate your favorite authors and artists so that they get the recognition they deserve.
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