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Welcome to the Community!
"There's no point in being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes"-Fourth Doctor

Hello and welcome to the livejournal community for fans of the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. My name is shadowsyra but you can call me Syra. I'll be your passably friendly moderator. You may direct all questions, comments, and suggestions towards me via email, AIM at Nytestryke2001, or telepathy. If there is another way of contacting me then feel free. I welcome your input so don't be shy. Please keep your arms and legs inside of your clothing and join me for a quick overview of this community.

(I'm looking for someone who wants to make a layout for this community including the coding. The current layout and graphic were created by myself using textures by weapon_icons. I'll hold a contest later for graphics, layout, and icons.)

Community Purpose
This community is meant to be an area of discussion and celebration between fans of the fourth Doctor. All fans of the fourth Doctor are welcome to join this community and encouraged to spread the fourth Doctor Love. Four need not be your favorite Doctor to join as long as you like Doctor Four and don't intend to pick arguments with anyone in this community otherwise. :)

Community Rules

1. Let's all get along. Be respectful of every member of this community. Intelligent debate is welcome but little tolerence will be exercised on demonstrations of immaturity or cruelty. No one should feel belittled or put down. Troll posts will be deleted immediately. Members are encouraged to not respond to trolls.
2. Posts must be about Doctor Four only. You may post on Tom Baker as an actor but only as the actor behind Doctor Four. Any other acting roles he's had are considered off-topic. It is momentarily allowable to post about other Doctors as long as Four is the main point. For example: You may post comparing Doctor Ten to Four.
3. Graphics, fiction, and other creative projects are permissible. By all means feel free to share any of your artistic creations as long as they focus on Four. If you are posting more than three icons or a graphic large than three icons like a header or wallpaper these must be put under a livejournal cut or I shall get angry and do unspeakable things to you. Likewise, fan-fiction and even drabbles should be cut. To learn how to cut please click here.
4. Lable material unsuitable for children.. doctor_four should be safe for younger viewers to browse through. This means that any post containing questionable material rated over PG-13/"Not Work Safe" should be behind a livejournal cut and have a very obvious warning. If questionable material is not cut I will delete it without warning.
5. Cut your picture spams! Picture spams of Four are rightfully encouraged but please keep them behind an lj-cut. All pictures, no matter their size, need to be cut.
6. Community promotion is allowed. However, it must directly relate to Doctor Who, Tom Baker, or Doctor Four.
7. Remember that this community is for the fourth Doctor. If you don't like Doctor Four then please don't join this community to argue about it. Take your opinion somewhere else.
8. This is not a shipping community. We all have our ships but this community focuses on Doctor Four. Ship fiction and other creative endevours are allowed but we are not here purely so that you can ship Four with your favorite person/alien/rock. Try to to keep Four the center of your discussions.
8. All fans are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're a Doctor expert or newbie. It doesn't matter who you ship with Four. It doesn't matter if you're thirteen years old or nine hundred years old. Male, female, alien, human...it doesn't matter because you belong here as long as you love Four. :)

These rules are subject to random and drastic changes because I am forgetful. Notification of changes will be posted in the community.


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If you would like to be affiliated with this community contact shadowsyra. Your community obviously must be Doctor Who or Tom Baker related.

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